Case Study: How Premier OBGYN Increased Profits for Medical Practice

Background: Premier OBGYN has been operating for over 10 years. Six years ago, they made the switch to eClinicalWorks®, one of the top EHR/PM systems.

The Challenge: During their growth as a Medical Practice, overseeing the billing department plus other areas pertaining to the business of medicine became overwhelming. Premier required a solution that would allow them to focus their talents and strengths on the patient’s experience and care and still increase profits for the medical practice.

Premier’s administrator, in aligning her practice with key resources, had already outsourced payroll, human resources, and legal issues. Her next goal was to determine if adding the revenue cycle management/billing process to that list was practical.

Their consultant recommended the following guidelines when searching for an RCM vendor.

  1. Length of time in business / references
  2. Level of experience with our EMR/PM (eClinicalWorks®)
  3. Location; We prefer a local vendors as we do with legal and accounting services.

The Transition: Based upon several recommendations, Premier reached out to Mr. Richard Maynard, CEO of MedBiz Partners Inc. located in Palm Harbor, FL with their concerns. Mr. Maynard and his team are not only Certified ECW PM Trainers, but their RCM services platform is 100 % eClinicalWorks® and have been in operation for over 24 years.

Premier minimized the changes internally by first selecting the MedBiz Assist program which enabled them to keep our billing/coders in house for the time being and all insurance posting, and denial management would be handled by MedBiz.

The Results: The MedBiz team connected to our eClincialWorks® system within 72 hours, and incoming revenue increased by 25 % within the first 60 days.

In summary, the paradigm shift the practice made in smart sourcing key task created a stable and profitable medical practice for our practice.

To find out how MedBiz Partners can help your revenue stream and increase profits for your medical practice, talk with CEO Richard Maynard at 727-785-3050 ext 224 or visit online at

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