eClinicalWorks® Tip of the Month Efficient Treatment Order Entry

Tip #1. Save time selecting a patient’s lab or radiology company. Set practice or patient-level settings to automatically default a specific lab or radiology company based on practice preference (practice defaults), insurance company preference (EMR—Labs, DI & Procedures), or patient preference (patient demographics).

Tip #2. Take advantage of some built-in features. Utilize order sets and eCliniSense to quickly get to orders that you commonly prescribe for a patient that are triggered by a specific diagnosis. Create lab, diagnostic image and procedures “Favorites” lists and copy to other providers and staff through, “Misc. Configuration Options.”

Tip #3. Prepare ahead of time. Create a pre-clinic workflow where the provider, or someone else, reviews patient charts from the upcoming schedule. Preload orders that are routine for that patient or for that visit type. Don’t forget to make use of pre-set templates that contain orders and merge them into progress notes during pre-clinic, or during the patient encounter. Templates can also be configured to automatically populate into a note by tying them to a chief complaint.

Tip #4. Configure defaults for orders per user. From the lab, and then the diagnostic image and procedures order screens in treatment, click on the, “My Defaults” button to set preferences for default location (in-house vs. send out), search filter (contains vs. starts with), and set “Favorites” as a default, if desired.

Tip #5. Maximize efficiency on the fly. Set up lab and diagnostic image aliases with acronyms (MMA—Male Medicare Annual, for example), so that users can choose to search by “alias name,” instead of “order name.” Once the acronym is entered, all the orders configured in that alias will drop into the orders. Also, when repeating a lab or radiology order for a patient, click on the “previous orders” button near the top right—make sure the company is selected as “All”—and click on any individual previous orders to quickly re-order them.

Ms. Rebecca Kane
MedBiz Power Partners
Atlantis Consulting

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