Mr. Maynard runs a first-class operation.  One of the main reasons behind outsourcing to MedBiz was their reputation and proven track record. Our A/R in over 90 Days is now below 3 %.  Prior to MedBiz it averaged 15 %.  I would strongly recommend MedBiz Partners.

Dr. MehtaSunshine Pediatrics: Lutz, Fl

I have been with Mr. Maynard and his team for over six years.

I am most impressed not only with their collection rate but with their continuous communication with my team. Any member of my office can reach out and get an answer back in minutes.  I have also hired a new AANP and was able to use the office space in which my billing department previously occupied.

Dr. PatelMY Kids Pediatrics: Tampa, Fl

We had issues with patients’ coordinating their benefits and were losing money on seeing Patients Not assigned to us.”  MedBiz is on top of their game and gets the patients re-assigned to our practice.   Coordinating benefits for patients is also one of their strong suites.  I would highly recommend their services without hesitation.

Dr. E. MeyerPartners in Pediatrics: Clearwater, Fl

Richard and his team have been instrumental with our increase in collections.  I no longer worry about the billing department’s employs calling in sick, salaries, vacations, or leave of absence. The cash flow in our practice continues without any interruptions. I would highly recommend their program to any Pediatric practice.

Dr. PaiClearwater Pediatrics: Clearwater, Fl

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