To Whom it May Concern:

January 16,2018

I have been in private group practice in the field of orthopedic surgery for over 26 years, most of which centered in the West Tampa area near St. Joseph’s Hospital Main. ln 2010, I relocated to the Westchase area for a new opportunity as a solo practitioner along with a physician assistant. Even though I have maintained a relatively constant level of patient contacts and surgical procedures through the years I noticed a steady decline in reimbursements starting late 2015 through the first half of 2016. I was even considering moonlighting through locum tenums to help the revenue collections. Collections continued to decline to a critical level, I decided to investigate the situation because I truly thought I should have done better on the collection side. It was readily evident that we were asking to much from our office manager. She was handling the Billing, managing denials and Authorizations for surgeries plus managing our office. Due to the fear of possibly losing her job, no one ever spoke!

I was referred to Mr. Richard Maynard and his medical billing team, Medbiz Partners, by a longtime friend and colleague who had used the firm for years. He had a similar experience with his prior office manager much as I did. He runs a busy Pulmonary Disease Medical group that employs many physicians. He highly recommended MedBiz partners as he had an excellent experience in recovery and subsequently maintaining a steady stream of revenue. I met with Mr. Maynard in August of 2016 and he readily accepted the challenge to get me back on track and to recoup as much as could be salvaged in regards to past billing. He was very positive and reassuring that he could turn things around as there seemed to be opportunity The performance of his team was quite impressive and miraculous. Within a few short weeks I began to witness the beginning of recovery. Medbiz Partners has been with my practice now for 15 months and their service has continued to be superb. Their knowledge of billing and coding, electronic medical records and overall concern for my practice has first handedly contributed to my successful practice. I highly recommend without reservation.

Dr. Michael Buscemi Jr.

Orthopedic Surgeon

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