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MedBizPartners is an eClinicalworks® Certified billing and PM Professionals.

We are a privately owned company and are experts in the medical billing service industry for over 20 years.

Smart-Sourcing for the Savvy Practice

“In today’s practices, companies that are currently providing services to your practice are attempting to create new revenue streams by providing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. Diversification of your RCM operation by not having all your eggs in one basket provides the correct balance of expertise and technology.”
Mr. Ted Freidinger, MBA, CPA
“I suggest that practices turns to smart-sourcing—- a balance of outsourcing, insourcing and leveraging available talent.”
Mrs. Judy Capko

Our Services

MedBizPartners offers two models of billing services: MEDBIZ-ASSIST and MEDBIZ-BILLING.

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